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Jim & Vicky Warren met when he was serving as a Marine Security Guard at the American Embassy in Paris, France. As they got to know each other, they discovered a shared interest in

a lifelong love of animals.
After Jim retired from active duty they decided to share their love of animals beyond their own family; the solution was Paws'N Play.

In business since 2009, they have had the pleasure of opening their home and hearts for daycare and boarding services.  The unique "home environment" dog daycare & boarding experience means a happier & less stressed furbaby during their time with us. We don't use crates and kennels, the dogs live in the house just like in your home. Your furbaby becomes part of our extended family and lives with us, just like home.

After Vicky's death in 2020, Jimmy vowed to keep the business

going, and we are.

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